Letter #37 – FEBRUARY 14, 1875  

This is one of the last communications we have from Thomas Jackson. He loyally kept writing to his English cousin until the very end. If ever we can locate the associated letter, we will of course post it here.

The last resting place of the author of our collection of letters. In life, it appears as if he was anything but at rest and his passion to see slavery abolished drove him to ceaselessly express his strong opinions to all who would listen (and probably many who would rather not)!

It is worth noting that Thomas's cousin Caleb Slater (15 years his senior) died on August 13th 1877. Thus Thomas did outlive him by a few months. (The writing on Thomas Jackson Snr's grave stone was temporarily made more legible by the application of flour.)

All photographs courtesy Neil D Scheidt, Find A Grave Memorials 88684414 and 88684309, Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading PA

Front of envelope addressed in shaky hand to: Mr. Caleb Slater, Ropemaker, Langley Mill, Nottinghamshire,

Front of envelope has 3 post marks, two illegible. Stamps have been removed. One postmark reads:
Reading PA FE 13. Another reads in part: NEW YORK FE

Back of Envelope has 4 postmarks, one clearly visible: Nottingham 14 FE 27 75 .
Another says Langley Mill 28.. 75

(Post marks shows it was sent in 1875 and was probably contained the very last letter that Thomas Jackson wrote. Sadly we do not have that letter but it is clear that, despite his good intentions, he appears to never get back to his old English homeland after 1842.)


We are reaching the end of our journey. The familiar handwriting appears more shaky but still determined. Thomas Jackson died Died Aug 6, 1878.

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