Article - FEBRUARY 25, 1859  

Here is the lengthy criticism of TJ as a person and his opinions that were contained in a previous letter written by TJ but published anonymously by the editor.

The critic makes clear that he found Thomas Jackson's letter insulting to Americans and that in his opinion, TJ should immediately return to England because he appears to think so little of America's virtues! He patriotically taunts TJ about America winning its independence as the British surrendered at Yorktown. Then he goes on to contest TJ's accounts of what happened in the war of 1812 but clearly what caused a lot of his anger was reference to Americans as "braggarts" (Not unreasonably one might think)

Finally Thomas Jackson has his say with no note of apology but rather a justification his patriotism including that he has been an American citizen for any years and that he had to work hard over 30 years in Treading to reach the economic success that he at present enjoyed. He challenges his critics to prove that his positions all the matters discussed were not true.

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