Article - OCTOBER 27, 1873  

For many months we have been puzzling over the author of Letter 3 in the original collection January 13th 1857.

We have already noted a change of handwriting and other inconsistencies in considering the article was also written by the chief character of this web site.

Now we can see that there were indeed two different people and that "our" Thomas Jackson was serving as the administrator of Thomas H. Jackson's estate.

We remain unsure who Thomas H Jackson was and what his relationship to "our" Thomas Jackson. Current opinion (needing confirmation) is that he was the son of John Jackson who was TJ's half brother who had a child with a different woman well before Thomas Jackson was born. There is the suggestion that both John Jackson (TJ's half brother) went over to stay with TJ in the latter part of his life.

For now, all we need to know is that Thomas H. Jackson is not the same man as "our" Thomas Jackson.

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