Article - MARCH 01, 1859  

It is hard not be entertained by TJ's turn of phrase as he justifies his positions to the readers of his local newspaper. "I should think any reasonable man on this side of Utah would be satisfied with the choice six pretty girls, even if they were Dutch as your article seems to call them rather contemptuously."

There are two important paragraphs here that probably relate to the development of TJ's character. First that his father, as young man, was put into prison for a year as well as being three times in the pillory for speaking out against King George 3rd and instead supporting "the brave and just resistance" of the American Revolution.

Secondly, he reveals his pragmatism. He goes on to explain that the Americans would have done as much damage to the King's palaces and parliament if they had landed in London and had the opportunity as the British did when they landed in Washington and damaged the White House

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