Letter - 1820 Invoice  

A simple invoice for the purchase of hemp, the raw material for rope makers. Most noticeable is the flowery and formal mode of address.

Note: There were no postage stamps in 1820 so this letter was originally sealed with wax.

We note that the company name was C & C Slater and since Caleb's father was Charles (also a "C" of course) this may indicate that TJ's rope making business experience went back to his father. if so, that might have significance linking to TJ's rope making skills for Charles married Elizabeth Jackson which was the bridge to the two families.

Gainsboro Sep 18th 1820
Messrs. C&C Slater ?Langley Mill??Bot. of Thomas Torr & Co.
1 bale Ukr Rhine Hemp
15 November 19- 3-4?dft --------------------8
19.2.21 and 48p £47-6-3 ?on 4C money

Simpson's boats

Gents, Your Favor brought us a bill for 60 pounds which have placed to your credit with thanks, & agreably with your request share force and the above by Mr Simpsons Boats which we hope will arrive safe. I have no doubt you will give you perfect satisfaction
?Your commissions will always have our best attention I remain gentn Yours respectfully,?
Thos Torr Hec?& Ed ietronic

Also the outside panel of the sheet was used for the address.

Messrs. C and C Slater, Langley Mill Nottingham

Has a stamp that says in capitals GAINSBOROUGH and then the number 152 Someone has also written on the envelope in ink 1820


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