Letter - JANUARY 04, 1858  

A most unusual scrap of paper cut from a larger sheet but seemingly complete in its message. William Slater appears to have been converted by the influence of John Watson and is now being asked to persuade his father to do likewise .

Readers will find that William Slater wrote with very little attention to using commas or full stops/periods. Here we kept the words and spellings but have often spaced the words to indicate what we believe are really intended to be separate sentences. We also add paragraphs hoping it may speed comprehension. The original form of the letter can of course be seen in its entirety in the scanned copies.

Front of Envelope:
Caleb Slater
Rope manufacturer,Eastwood,
Nr Nottingham

Post mark
America Liverpool paid Ja 4 58
Also a faint note
Metuchen NJ Dec 18th

Rear of Envelope:
Two post marks
Eastwood Jan 5 1858 and
Nottingham Jan 5 58

My dear Father,
Cousin John wishes me to copy the following.
He asked me if you had made a public profession of religion before the unbelieving world and had become some member of the visible church and was surprised to learn that you had not and wishes to know your reasons as the Scriptures teach us that Christ the head of the church is author of the two sacraments Baptism and the Lord's Supper and especially says do this in remembrance of me as often and which is as express as thou shalt not steal. That commandment was not initiated for Angels but for sinners and it is the absolute duty of every penitent sinner to avail himself of the privilege. Now to partake with humbling hand and fearful heart is not to eat and drink unworthily but to pour take for the fashion's sake or popularity and not for the commandments sake this is too this is partake unworthily. Christ expressly says if you love me keep my commandments. The Scriptures teach from beginning to end that it is the duty of believers to join the church militant that he may be a member of the Church triumphant in glory he hopes to meet with all his English friends in Heaven and spend a joyful eternity together in the praises of redeeming love.

He again sends his love and best wishes to you all especially to his Aunt Riley and is thankful to hear that she has laid up treasure in Heaven. May God direct and lead you is the fervent prayer of your affectionate
Son William


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