Letter - December 27, 1858  


North America December 27, 1858

My dear Sisters
I think I must address you collectivity at this time not having heard from you since I wrote last, only the Review Mary sent was something to be sure but nothing much.

I saw Mary went to Ilston [abbreviation for town of Ilkeston] to hear Mr. Vincent. I thought of sending you a paper in reference of defer writing for a while but knowing that you preferred a letter from me if it is ever ??prefd? to best paper of this continent. I defer myself to try - I was called of this afternoon to spin a different kind of yarn to take the one I had commenced so now I have spliced again will try to drag it out small, smooth,and even. Miss Hetty wishes me to remember her to my Sisters and wishes you a happy Christmas. I may tell you she is very kind to me, she saw my stocking wanted mending so she asked me if I had any yarn so I gave her one of the small balls I brought with me and while she was mending she praised the yarn all the time and stocking too. She said that mothers now a days did not teach their children how to knit and do things that were useful all they thought about ways to dress and prim J


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