Letter - MAY27, 1857  

A note to Caleb Slater (TJ's one first cousin) introducing herself and then tactfully offering money from the various wings of the American family to support the aging Aunt Riley, herself one of the sisters of Thomas Jackson.

May 27th, 1857.

Although an entire stranger to you and we have never seen each other, yet you are a first cousin to my dear Father, please allow me to address you

Dear Cousin,
I did not get into Derbyshire when I was in England last summer so we did not meet, but should I ever next visit England again, I hope to have the pleasure of seeing all my dear Father's relations and yourself among the rest.

Agreeable to say, my dear Father's room request I write to include you a draft for £2.5.) which has been contributed towards the support of our Aunt Riley by her nephews in America. to buy her any little comforts that her great age may require and that she might not otherwise obtain. Although I have no doubt you and your family are very kind to her, yet my father thought you and your family are in her nephews in America might help her too. It is our purpose to continue these remittances from from time to time as long as the poor, dear old lady lives.
And as we know you to be the kindest friend she has, we shall we shall always send them to you.

My brother Thomas has gone off on a two-year his voyage round the world for his health. So I have to write now for him. The voyage to England and back last summer did him a great deal of good but he has got worse since. So now he has gone on a voyage which we hope will be long enough to cure him. I should always be glad to hear from my English relations and I hope some of your family will write to me.

Please give our love to all our relations and to Aunt Riley in particular and and tell her that we shall not forget our dear Father's Aunt.

I remain ever affectionate cousin
Matilda A Jackson

PS Aunt Watson and family are all well. M.A.J.


Matilda, was the only daughter of the couple. She married, lived a long life, had a family and finally Thomas Jacskon lived with them in his later years. She had visited England the previous year but spent her time with her mother's relatives and this did not visit the state (county) of Derbyshire where Thomas Jackson was brought up and near where Caleb Slater lived. The ambassadors recognize here their relatives' expectations to help other family members. This still continues, unspoken, to this day.

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