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on Thomas Jackson’s Letters

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The Thomas Jackson Letters: One Man’s Battle to Stop Slavery

Seeing the Civil War through the Eyes of a Passionate Abolitionist

The Thomas Jackson Letters: How a Brit Tried to Save the USA

John recognizes that he has lived a very privileged life and now is the time to give back. As a white male brought up in England by devoted parents and enriched by a time as a lecturer at Oxford University before coming to live in America, he has enjoyed apparent successes in many seemingly different careers. (Learn more) Some (eg Winston Churchill Fellow funded to travel the world to study “Aggression in Animals and Man”) seem more relevant than others (eg filming the mating behavior of fleas)! Surprisingly perhaps they all seem to converge in furthering the work to which he now dedicates himself.

For over two decades he has been in demand as a professional speaker and has been featured at many high level conferences around the world. Now that he has turned his attention to being an Ambassador for Thomas Jackson, he is dedicating his experience and speaking skills to bringing this powerful collection of letters alive and topical for audiences of all types. As such, he offers different themes and adapts his content to the interest levels of his host organization.

In view of the family origins and the historic importance of this material, John does not charge for his services. Instead, he suggests that his host organization views his presentation as an opportunity for organizing a special fund raiser. As such, his clients typically do charge their members and other attendees but then all the money, less minimal expenses, goes back to fund the future growth of the parent organization. Occasional deserving exceptions may be made to this policy.

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